Documenting + Reclaiming a Culture of Elderwomen, the Matriarchs.

Where Shall Wisdom Be Found?

Wisdom Anthologies explores and reveals the thresholds of the feminine archetypes, the Heroine’s Journey, through maiden, mother, and matriarch. At each phase, a soul must cross a threshold. From maiden to mother to matriarch. What happens at the threshold? What happens at those spaces between where one archetype dies and gives life to the next?

Wisdom Anthologies documents the lives, knowledge, and insight of women who have evolved into the Matriarch phase of living. Their perspective can heal families and communities when we practice deep listening and witness the ordinary rhythms that they understand are really quite extraordinary. We capture the particulars and the universals of their journeys to create a landscape of feminine wisdom that weaves together the beauties and complexities of the human existence.

Through documentation, storytelling, and
ritual the generations find each other.


About Wisdom Anthologies

Benita, Guatemala: “We were strong and beautiful.”

Benita, Guatemala: “We were strong and beautiful.”

Meet the Elderwomen

Wisdom Anthologies travels the world interviewing women who have lived through the maiden and mother archetypes––in various, surprising, and inventive ways. They have now stepped into the wise archetype of crone. As many of them are on the threshold of death, they are the most alive women we have encountered.

How We Document the Matriarchs

Wisdom Anthologies documents women in their ordinary lives to portray how extraordinary they are. If you have an elderwoman you’d like us to document, please take a look at the different ways we can document her for you to remember and recall her essence and the influence she had on you.

Why Wisdom Anthologies

Where shall Wisdom be found? Why document women who face aging and death? Because they know what it is to live and continue to live more fully than any of us who are caught up in the endless to-do lists. Their words and perspective will heal us all. Where shall Wisdom be found? Read more to find out why these women matter.


Upcoming Gatherings

Join us for intergenerational meals, conversations, and portrait sessions. Bring your elderwomen; bring your maidens and mothers. We’ll join together as women often.


Living Anthologies

If you’d like to document a personal family or friend elderwoman, please visit our
Living Anthologies website for commissioned living portrait possibilities.


Wisdom Anthologies: the symbolism


The Wisdom Anthologies icon represents an ancient ruin that is fluid, free, and natural. Trees, women, the ocean, and mountains all represent the qualities of our elderwomen: constant, evolving, eroding, free, organic, fluid, distinct, subtle, ordinary, extraordinary, and part of the earth.


Support Our Elderwomen

Wisdom Anthologies documents women who don’t have the family or financial support to have their stories documented. Their stories matter deeply to the fabric of our global community, and it’s vital that we preserve their knowing and their history as part of a textile of feminine wisdom. Donations support the creative team, their work, and often help the women themselves with basic needs (food, clothing, hired help, etc.).


Find Out How You Can Contribute

There’s a lot that goes into reintegrating elderwomen through portraits, stories, and histories. We’re always in need of creatives (photographers, videographers, graphic designers, audio engineers, etc.). And, of course, funding helps us pay and hire creatives to document these women in beautiful, meaningful, and impactful ways. Please contact us to find out how you can contribute.