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Pilar Pobil: “I had to Lie all the time to accomplish All I wanted to Do in my life”

I am a self-taught artist who has always worked alone. Although I  knew from an early age that I was an artist, I was born in Spain at a time when women were not encouraged to pursue their ambitions. From what I heard of my father and the little I can remember, I believe he might have helped me. However, he was an admiral in the Spanish Navy and was killed in the Civil War, when I was a very young child. My mother was very conservative and I received a convent-school education. I married and came to the United States of America, had three children, and at last, when I was already in my forties, I started to work seriously in my chosen field. It has been, and it is, a wonderful experience. I feel grateful for my strong dedication to the Arts. I am alone now. I am still growing and learning and hope this will continue throughout the rest of my life. I am still on a journey of discovery. 


Why Wisdom Anthologies: A Personal Manifesto, I

There’s a lot of pressure to be high-achieving, money-making, family-creating, hustle champions of America in our country of Efficient Productivity of The Most High Impact of Empowered Women. I often wonder what our elderwomen would think of our endless “boss babe,” “badass,” “change leader” pop sermons that leave us all exhausted at the end of every day. We’re constantly wondering if we’re enough, if we’ve done enough, and if it will all turn out ok.